Your resume, the first step in securing a job.

The first step in securing a job is creating a resume that does not only attract the attention of the recruiter  but also keeps him glued  for a longer time than the average 6 seconds , most  recruiter use to glance through resumes  before deciding to either proceed or ignore the resume.

How you want your resume to look is your choice, what the recruiter does with it is his choice.

These are a few things that should be considered while creating a resume to secure that job.

·         What type of job am I looking for?

This is one of the prerequisite that decides what a resume should look like. You don’t have to jump at any job vacancy post you see without asking the question, is this the job I really need at this time of my career? Desperation comes with a lot of mistakes and not knowing where to fit in is one of those mistakes.

I have seen a lot of job seekers apply for jobs they do not even understand as their resume completely speak in contrast to the job they apply for. The recruiter wouldn’t even waste time in hitting the delete button or trashing the resume of such candidates.

Always ask yourself this, do I have the knowledge of this job, if yes you can go ahead to create your resume and a profile that suits the job.

·         What skills do I have

How you convince the recruiter that you possess the necessary skills required for the job lies in the way you put those skills into words.

List the skills you possess that are relevant to the job you are applying for, your skills are your essential competencies that define how well you do your job. You can do some Google search  to be able to identify relevant skills for each job roles. If it’s something you have, make it obvious on your CV. These skills for instance may include but not limited to Business knowledge, team work, Negotiation and persuasion, Software application, problem solving, analytical skills, IT skills etc.

Think outside the box, coin your words and write out a well detailed but relevant skills on your resume.

·         Employment History

To further make your resume attractive, carefully summarize  relevant work experience at different level useful to the job you seek. It is important to list out the experience from most recent.

·         Key achievement

Most recruiter wants to relate with outstanding performers.  Below each of your work experience, make sure you itemize at least 3 major outstanding achievements in each place that you have worked.

Phrases like Increased revenue generation of Non-Fuel Retail business across the region by over 18.5%in 2020 only put you forward as a top rated performer in the eye of recruiters.

·         Education qualification/professional certification

A recruiter will want to see your qualifications as well as certification relevant to the job. Also this should be included in the order of most recent of all.

  • Use a key word

Most recruiters love to make their task easier by searching for certain key words from the application email they dropped for you to apply in order to get and sieve the best suited application.  

How does this work? Assuming you are applying for the role of Account Officer, the Use of words associated with this job may include, Tax, PAYEE, Audited , IFRS, Account reconciliation, debit and credit notes , accounts payable/ receivables , vouchers, invoices etc,  So a recruiter instead of downloading over 1000 Cvs that he already has can easily search through his mail with any of the above key words. CVs that pop up from this is most likely going to be in line with what he wants.  This is a magic isn’t it?

Finally, never forget to write a cover mail along with your attached CV. This shows that you are detailed and professional enough for recruiter to open your CV.

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