5 things you should never do when applying for a job

All of us at My360Career.com understand that searching for a job can be an uphill task, most especially when it comes with desperation for sustenance. It is natural to be zealous at the same time it is important to be smart about the way you go about Job search.

A lot of applicants make insensitive mistakes, in the course of application and these mistakes are the reasons your resume always end up in the trash bin.

Have you ever wondered why you never got shortlisted for that interview?

Here are few things you should know when applying for that job:

  1. Don’t copy your resume as body of a mail. :

When a job advert requires you to submit resume and application via mail, the most honorable thing to do is to upload your resume along with short mail (popularly called cover letter) and send it to the recruiter. It is surprising to note that a lot of applicants think copying their resume directly in the body of the mail to recruiter will fast track their being shortlisted.  Of course this is definitely a NO because the Recruiter’s first instinct would be that you are either a lazy candidate or  not serious,  hence without wasting time, they just have to hit the delete button, because you already judged yourself.

Another instance is where some candidates even scan or take a picture of their resume and send it as a mail. The impression you give to a recruiter when you do this is that you are not actively searching for a job and you probably want to add your name to the list of applicants for that position.

This is no rocket science you are never going to be shortlisted for interview let alone secure a job if you don’t change this approach.


  1. Never send an application without subject title to your email

How you decide to title that email matters a lot. It is very embarrassing that some applicants still apply for a job without the ‘job title’ as the subject of their mail. The recruiter who has to sieve through thousands of email with different positions of course does not have the luxury of time to start assuming what you apply for.

Your guess is as good as mine, its straight to the trash bin till you get better at doing these things right.

  1. Never send an application without a Cover mail

It used to be called cover letter those days when applications were done via post master. it is a mail that introduces your attached CV to the recruiter stating your strength, and reason for your application. For cover mail, most recruiters just want to have an insight or to understand the reason for your application and a short glimpse of what’s on your CV before it’s downloaded. It is advised that you write a short cover mail in the body of the mail you send to recruiter once your CV is attached. 3 paragraph mail is fine. My360Career.com can help you carve out a unique cover letter that catches the eye of Recruiter feel free to call us on 08022155650.


  1. Do not apply for a job you have no knowledge of:

As a recruiter, I have seen a lot of applicants do this. A job advert is put up for experience/ managerial positions with relevant years of working experience, the next minute your inbox is filled with applications from fresh graduates with no single work experience applying for a managerial position. Why recruiters appreciate your capacity to dream big,   but isn’t it better to start with been truthful to yourself?, gain work experience and gradually move up the corporate ladder? You can’t give what you don’t have and what you have you gain through experience.

Although this attitude is not limited to fresh graduates but also other applicants with no previous working experience in relevant sector. Unless it is a family business where sentiments supersede merit, don’t ever apply for a position you have no knowledge or skills for. What your academic qualification can’t get you, only experience will.


  1. Applying for a job outside your location:

For some jobs where Location is a priority to the recruiter, when he/she sees that your application contrast the location advertised, you will never get a chance at being shortlisted for that interview.

Imagine applying for the position of a sales officer in a territory which you do not reside or understand, if given the job, how do you intend to deliver when you don’t know your way around the supposed territory. Remember sales roles are target driven. It is going to be very difficult for a recruiter to take a chance on you.

As an applicant, if you are still comfortably doing any of the above stated, then it is time to change your mindset and embrace a different approach so that you can nail your dream job. For most candidates that we interfaced with, our team at My360career do advise them on this.

In conclusion, prepare for interview!

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