Things to do when resuming a new job

Are you just taking up a new role at a new place of employment? Are you concerned about how much time you need to fully settle in and hit the ground running?

These are the few things you need to do.

Ask relevant questions: This is to make sure you are on the right track when carrying out your job.

Whenever there is a need to ask questions, be sure to ask the relevant ones like knowing the time lines for achievable and deliverables or asking questions relating to tools that help you perform well and faster at your job.  Example could be how to meet your target etc.

Make Friends: Isolating yourself in a new place of work is not the best way to settle in at your job, or else you will struggle with almost everything, even something as small as your way around the work environment.

Get acquainted with people within your office space, know your team members and colleagues by their names so that you don’t need to keep asking for their names each time you need help. Starting a conversation with your colleague becomes so easy when you know their names.

Don’t be too uptight: Your work becomes easier when you make everyone around you feel at ease.

If you are settling into a new work place as a boss or Head of a team, you don’t have to announce your presence by being bossy. You settle in smoothly if you relate with your subordinates as a colleague rather than a boss, it allows you the opportunity to understand the system that operates in the work space quickly and earn their cooperation which in turn makes your job easier.

Remember that the competence of a manager is mostly dependent on the deliverables of his subordinate. Their attitude can either support your career or frustrate it. Especially when the job requires a high level of technicality.

Take note of the work place organization culture

Unwritten ways of life in the organization is key to your performance at work. More often than not, we see great talent who could not understand the silent rules of an organization, in due time they just throw in the towel.  It is important that you pay attention to details at your new place of work.


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