Why you never got that job.

Have you ever asked yourself why you never got a call after that job interview? You keep wondering what went wrong afterwards ? Below are some of the ‘Whys’ you never got a chance at the job.

1.       How well do you know your Audience? A lot of job seekers just dress pretty to appeal to the interviewer, don’t get me wrong, it is good to be well dressed to attend that interview also it is good to know that the interviewer also look beyond that dress or suit to employ talents into their organization. In fact a candidate dresses to fail if he fails to do a proper research on the organization and the role being interviewed for, then again, one simple or technical question puts them off balance, hence they are confused and blank. In short for some, they know they already lost a chance at the job the moment they walked out of that door.

Therefore it is very important to do a proper research on the company and role you applied for at that point you are asking yourself if it aligns with your present skills and needs and  this keeps you well prepared for what it is to come.

2.       When your Resume does not translate into good delivery:

Do you have an impressive resume? Tactically written to reflect work experiences and skills at previous and present job. Of course a resume as good as that should impress the interviewer and he invites you for an interview, unfortunately behind that brilliant resume and somehow you couldn’t convince him you were the face behind those qualities and skills that gave you that robust chance at the interview.

Your confidence was zero, your communication skills and delivery were below convincing. At this point ,the interviewer is already disappointed and can’t wait to politely show you the door.

Always understand that it doesn’t not start end with building a good resume, look beyond that and how well you can put those qualities and skills into good use to achieve any organizational goals, which is what the interviewer wants to know.

3.       Being unnecessarily overzealous: : You want  to convince the interviewer that you are the right fit for the job? of course that is the right thing to do, but while at it, be careful not to sound too desperate, or overzealous.

Never give the interviewer the impression that you are more interested in landing the job than actually doing the job.  Statement like I cant wait to start this job, It will be a means to an end of financial, emotional or psychological stress.  No interviewer wants to hand a job to someone who sees the job as an escape route from their personal troubles. Always be guided.

4.       Don’t be overtly ambitious: If you are indeed passionate about the job then you will know the right questions to ask the interviewer. How about convincing your Audience on what you are bringing to the table or what initiatives you intend to drive in order to hit the ground running?   Rather than asking questions like what happens after six months probationary period? Or tale telling of how your previous place of employment does  a three months probationary period which immediately attracts a pay increase and other incentives or how often do you appraise your staff? 

Questions like this put you on the spot as someone overtly ambitious to climb the ladder to success in an organization than being part of the team that create the ladder. Trust me you are not getting hired.

Also note that by asking the right questions, you get the ‘right’ answers even to questions you never asked. How about convincing the interview that it isn’t all about career advancement but how you intend to positively add value by changing cause and effect in the organization. State convincingly what you are bringing to the table and watch how the impressed interviewer starts rolling out details about what you get when you achieve what. At this point you are able to deduce if this is the organization you truly belong or not.

There are more reasons as to why you don’t get a call from  that Interviewer, these are just a few to help you do the right thing and nail the right job.

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