Finance Manager is needed in Delta state.

Finance Manager is needed for a client in a gaming company located in Delta state.

Job Details

  • Supervision of the companies Accountants and facilitating effectiveness in work delivery
  • Provision of financial advice necessary for business decisions
  • Analysis of historical data to provide guidelines on future activities
  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance of accounting policies and procedures in all the .group companies
  • Analysis of Financial Statements including statement of financial position, statement of comprehensive income, Statement of Cash Flow.
  •   Supervision of pre-audit examination and verification of all financial transactions
  • Post payment  and management information system audit
  • Establishment of a strong internal control system.
  • Constant review of internal controls
  • Monthly reporting to the management on routine audit work and findings
  • Ensure compliance with law requirements by the company on financial transactions
  • Routinely carry out departmental and cost centre audit
  • Advice management on cost saving methodologies
  • Investigate variances and report to management
  • Ensure budgets discipline  across the group
    •    Supervision of monthly stock counts and stock reconciliation.
    •    Supervision of monthly cash counts and cash audit
    •    Assisting the External Auditors to obtain information required to   perform their functions
    •    Implementation of  external auditors recommendations Overseeing the entire accounting and financial needs of the Company


  • Expertise in Financial planning involving credit planning, decision-making and cost-control
  • Functional experience of stock management and audit, receivables and credit management.
  • Expertise in developing and implementing new accounting system.
  • Expertise in people management and team mentoring.
  • Liaising with regulatory and government agencies on finance and Compliance issues
  • Liaising and working with external auditors


Relevant years of work experience

professional certification, good degree/HND needed for managerial roles.

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