We are looking for an experienced Program Manager to organize and coordinate programs. The ideal candidate will provide strategic support ot stakeholders and guidance to teams and in ways that promote the Group’s chief aim. The ideal candidate will also oversee the progress of operations.
The successful candidate will ensure that master plans and schedules are strictly followed, developing solutions to program challenges, and directing others for successful completion of project on time and on budget.
The ideal candidate will be an excellent leader and will have experience in managing a culturally diverse team of various disciplines to achieve set goals and produce results in a timely manner. He/she will also develop efficient strategies and tactics.


The responsibilities of this post include governance, alignment, assurance, management, integration, optimization, tracking, finances, infrastructure, planning, and improvement.
The goal is to ensure that all programs deliver the desirable outcome in line with the Group’s chief aim.
Formulating, organizing and monitoring inter-connected projects. Deciding on suitable strategies and objectives. Coordinating cross-project activities‎
Ensure that a program or project meets its set objectives and delivers projected benefits
Ensure agreements and decisions amongst stakeholders as to what the objectives and benefits are
Ensure strategic fit of programs or project objectives and benefits
Obtain commitment from stakeholders on the accurate delivery of project benefits
Monitor delivery of objectives and benefits, taking appropriate action where necessary to ensure  successful delivery of programs or projects
Ensure the program or project is subject to strategic reviews at appropriate stages
Make certain that recommendations or concerns from strategic reviews are met or addressed before progressing to the next stage
Take ownership of the programs or projects briefs and business cases
Ensure that the aims of the planned change remains consistently aligned with the business direction and establish a firm basis for the program or project during its initiation
Work with stakeholders to secure the necessary investment for the business change
Develop a program or project consistent with organisational structure and logical plans
Formulate, organize and monitor inter-connected projects
Decide on suitable strategies and objectives
Coordinate cross-project activities
Lead and evaluate project managers and other staff
Develop and control deadlines, budgets and activities
Apply change, risk and resource management
Assume responsibility for the program’s people and vendors
Assess program or project  performance and aim to maximize ROI
Resolve projects’ higher scope issues
Prepare reports for program directors
Routinely supervision of a project or multiple projects to achieve a corporate vision. He/she will typically work as the head of a program office leading a team, and perform liaison activities with management and other strategic stakeholders.
Responsible for governance, which involves working with the over-arching structure, processes and procedures to accomplish set objectives, which include metrics of success and deliverables. Alignment entails top-down vision, goals and objectives from business strategy flowing through to successful completion of projects for program objectives. Assurance includes checks and balances for compliance with standards and vision alignment. Management involves regular reviews for accountability and successful management of project, stakeholders and suppliers.
Integration of components for best fit of components for program success. Optimization of performance across program platforms to achieve the best functional and technical value. Cost tracking program component costs with overall program administration costs.
Infrastructure, which may include office, version control and IT, entails resource allocation for successful completion of program objectives. Planning entails developing the plan to orchestrate projects, resources, time scales, monitoring and control. Improvement covers ongoing performance assessment, research and development of new capabilities, and systematically applying knowledge for program success.
A program manager is responsible for running complex programs and projects
He in charge of the designing and developing the project till the production
He has to make different risk management strategies
He must plan and set project goals and milestones
He must clearly define requirements and make targets accordingly
He has to define resources and the schedule for the implementation of the program
He should detect and solve project issues effectively
He must supervise the project engineering team and managing conflicts within the different department
He has to frequently perform team assessment and evaluate them
He should be capable of designing and maintaining project and technical documentation
He must recognize areas for internal improvement and developing plans for implementing them
He must make sure all the measures comply with company standards and procedures

Skills and Specifications:
The program manager must have good understanding of the project management process
He must have good communication skills and should be able to motivate his team
He should be good with numbers and must have analytical skills
He must display good leadership skills
He should also have good organization, presentation and customer service skills.
Proven experience as a Program Manager or other managerial position
Thorough understanding of project/program management techniques and methods
Excellent Knowledge of performance evaluation and change management principles
Excellent knowledge of MS Office; working knowledge of program/project management software (Basecamp, MS Project etc.) is a strong advantage
Outstanding leadership and organizational skills
Excellent communication skills
Excellent problem-solving ability
To be a program manager one must have at least 4 to 5 years of experience. BSc/B.Eng/B.Tech in any engineering discipline or a relevant field; postgraduate degree and/professional certification is an added advantage‎. An MBA is also an added advantage.‎
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