Watu Credit is a dynamic fast-growing non-bank finance company that harnesses technology to offer both secured and unsecured lending primarily via mobile services. Headquartered in Mombasa, Watu Credit aims to become the leading African provider of a broad set of inclusive financial products, delivered through technology in a fast, efficient and professional manner we currently need a Branch Office Manager to Manage the  operation in Abeokuta. This  branch is the second model branch of Watu in Nigeria so that imposes additional requirements to the position of the branch manager as the experience and practices of the model branch will be replicated to other branches all over the country.

As the head of the branch, you will

  • Manage, carry on and be responsible for all day to day operations of the branch
  • Supervise and manage all the employees of the branch
  • Organize and promote the teamwork and staff development to ensure stable and reliable work of the branch
  • Establish effective cooperation of the branch with Nigerian head office management and functional heads on the level of head office and/or Group level
  • Comply and control the compliance of the staff with the company procedures and policies
  • Efficiently use the funds at the branch in the best interest of the Company and its goals
  • Seek the commercial opportunities in the branch area of operations taking into account business risks and adequately safeguarding Company’s assets


As the head of the model branch


  • Proactively work on processes, procedures, and policies applicable at the branch level for further replication over the country
  • Regularly suggest and document all measures necessary for the improvement and commercial success of company operations at other branches

The key specific duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Representing Watu Credit and implementing the Company’s business development plan in the assigned geographical area within the assigned mandate
  • Maintaining Watu Credit service standards in serving the Company’s existing customers as well as in attracting new customers and expanding customer base
  • Carrying out the Company’s and /or product marketing and information campaigns in liaison with the head-office
  • Providing strong leadership for the sales team assigned to his Unit to ensure the achievement of sales targets and expense control;
  • Ensuring a high-quality screening of the prospective clients and managing the risks and potential losses through KYC vetting and other processes;
  • Communicating the expectation levels and vision of the company to members of the Unit in line with the company’s corporate vision and goals.
  • Participating in regular Performance Appraisals of the Unit members in line with the company’s performance appraisal system.
  • Ensuring a harmonious working environment in the assigned Unit.
  • Controlling onboarding and document file preparation safeguarding Company policy guidelines and standards, performing timely archiving, and reliable storage of all documents.
  • Ensuring proper and timely loan request processing, acquiring necessary documentation and insuring asset proper release (including but not limited to tracking installation and asset insurance);
  • Keeping a high level of work discipline and safety standards at the branch;
  • Managing efficiently warehouse operations in terms of assets safeguarding, accurate and timely records, efficient tracking installations, quick assets acceptance and release cycle and avoidance of redundant stock levels;
  • Maintaining business relationship with local dealerships, tracking, and insurance companies, regional associations, if applicable;
  • Carrying out customer satisfaction surveys to help to identify process and/or product improvement areas;
  • Taking the lead on loan collection and recovery process for the assigned geographical area;
  • Accurate and timely documentation of branch expenses, controlling the funds spent in the best interest of the company and within a policy or a budget if available;
  • Proposing process, procedure, and cost-efficiency improvements
  • Performing other tasks as necessary and directed by Company management.


Education Requirement

Master’s Degree in Project Management, Social Sciences, Business Administration or other related fields


Knowledge Skills & Experience

·         Excellent management, organizational, motivational and leadership skills

·         Demonstrated experience in financial management

·         Experience in managing medium to large-sized teams

·         Excellent written and spoken English

·         Proficient in MS Office Applications

·         Problem management capacity

·         Planning and analysis capacity

·         Ability to work under pressure



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