Logistics Officer Needed in Yobe

An international NGO is currently recruiting for a Logistics Officer  in Yobe.

Location: Damaturu, Yobe State

Starting date: As Soon As Possible

Direct Line Manager: Logistics Manager

Objective 1

Manage the logistics supply chain

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Ensure that KitLogV3.7 procedures are followed in regards to supply chain including procurement (raise PLs), receipt and documentation.
  • Ensure that base team understand and complies with the laid down procurement procedures in collaboration with the Logistics Manager.
  • Follow up PL lines with procurement team.
  • Develop a monthly planning of logistics purchase including sub bases & ensure best available prices and quality of the items
  • Ensure quality control of deliveries from suppliers;
  • Ensure that logistics stationery stocks management activities run by the Log assistants meet all ACF standards and principle warehousing requirements (conditions, FIFO rule, identification, documentation)
  • Ensure that stock management files (stock cards, DN, SRO, other) and procurement files are kept and archived according to ACF standards
  • Follow up and update contract management like property rental premises, Security services etc.
  • Follow up and control fuel utilization of all generators including sub bases with log assistant.
  • “Logistics Petty Cash” needs to be manage efficiently, adjusted and submit to Finance timely
  • Need to monitor strongly about Logistics Petty cash expenses of sub bases with log assistant.

Objective 2

Assist and Management of equipment, communication means and the vehicle fleet

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Supervise allocation and use of equipment with IT team.
  • Follow-up and monitor installation, maintenance and repair of equipment especially generator, Air conditioner etc.
  • Ensure tracking of fixed assets, update base equipment list with new equipment on a monthly basis and conduct physical check of equipment list each 3 months with IT team. Update fixed assets inventory list for base and sub bases with logistics assistant.
  • Ensure (with the support of the Logistics Assistant, if applicable) that ACF standard generator fuelling, maintenance and repair processes are implemented and adhered with, logbooks are filled, consolidated and monitored on a monthly basis.
  • Assist Fleet officer (if needed) that all drivers follow ACF standard procedures for weekly checks and vehicle documentation (Log book, movement log)
  • Report to Logistics Manager on vehicle, generator or equipment faults.
  • Follow up on all generator and Air conditioner maintenance and repair needs reported by logistics assistant or other staff members
  • Compile and consolidate records for generators consumption with log assistant and raise PL when it reaches reorder point.
  • In case of accident, incident, provide report to Logistics Manager and ensure the daily communication systems (phones / internet) run smoothly with IT team.

Objective 3

Manage all rehabilitation and maintenance for office and premises

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Provide useful improvement for construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of structures for the operation of the base (programs, offices, house, warehouse, mechanic workshop…).
  • Manage operations under supervision of the Logistics Assistant Base & sub bases, if applicable

Objective 4

Manage facilities management of office and guest house

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Provide useful support of office & guest house facility management with logistics assistant including sub bases.
  • Weekly monitor Expert Guest House and compound with maintenance & repair (if needed) AND report
  • Need to quick response (if needed) about any electrical fault, plumbing issue within office premises and guest house.

Objective 5


Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Collect and analyze monthly reports for inventory, running costs of generators, the narrative report of activities, equipment list.
  • Compile and submit monthly report to the Logistics Manager (if applicable).

Objective 6

Performance Management

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Communicate Action Against Hunger performance standards and expectations to team members which includes ; 10 minutes monthly conversation, 3 months/end of probation performance appraisal and annual/ end of contract appraisal.
  • Establish performance objectives, provide feedback, identify strengths and areas for professional improvement.
  • Contribute to the professional development and improvement of team members by providing support.



  • Logistics Manager: Direct Supervision –  hierarchical relationship – exchange of information
  • Technical Support –  exchange of information and collaboration on procurement  matters
  • If applicable – Logistics Assistant: Line Management –  hierarchical relationship
  • Logistic Coordinator:  integrated approach – Coordination – sharing of information – Technical Support –  exchange of information and collaboration on procurement  matters
  • Finance Coordinator/ Base Admin: exchange of information and collaboration on procurement  matters
  • Base/Capital Logistician: exchange of information and collaboration on procurement  and transport matters
  • Others Programme:  exchange of information and coordination (integrated approach)


  • Service Providers & Vendors: working relation,  exchange of information, coordination,
  • Local representatives of international aid organization: exchange of information



  • Minimum Bachelor degree  or equivalent  (Preferable logistics, supply chain management, information technology or related field)


  • Minimum of 4 years’ work experience in Supply chain and/or logistics position
  • Some experience in supervising Staff
  • Strong computer skills in MS Office, especially MS Excel
  • Rigorous, with strong organization skills and attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Professional level of English
  • Ability to work in complex environment and can bear the work load
  • Good interpersonal skills – approachable, diplomatic, able to negotiate, influence, give and receive effective feedback, be a team player
  • Ability to manage stress effectively, and juggle competing priorities


  • Previous experience working for NGOs an asset, particularly international and/or health related NGOs
  • Fluency in one or more National/regional languages an asset
  • Experience in supervisory position an asset
  • Proficient in IT and networking technology

The deadline for this position is Thursday, April 11, 2019.

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