Learning & Development Manager (Research) is needed by Productive People.  Productive People is Human resource company in Lagos and has been in existence since 2015. As a result of expansion, She is about to embark on a pilot programme that will impact the lives of 10,000 candidates in Nigeria. These candidates will be split into 2 categories.

  1. Already in their desired trade

Here we aim to understand what areas candidates are lacking and then advise them/their employer on relevant online programmes that will help them become better at their trade.

  1. Youth Unemployed

Here we will find out what they are actually suited for. We will then give them training that will get them fit for gainful employment.

The main purpose of this role is to ensure our training will impact the trainee and all testing is relevant to the Nigerian market.


In – House

 Conduct appraisals

  • Develop plan for all in-house staff to enable them to be at the top of their game.
  • In partnership with the Operations Manager, develop effective induction programmes for new hires
  • Produce training materials for in-house courses
  • Devise individual learning plans


  • Put together a comprehensive background study into the global outlook for competency testing & training.
  • Understand all the major players globally of the competency testing & training space
  • Research local and international players and localize content relevant for the Nigerian market space.
  • Decide on what partners we will use that will enable us to achieve our goals.
  • Ensure all testing is in the relevant language e.g. (Pidgin or Yoruba)
  • Understand and categorize the 50 – 100 most popular jobs in Nigeria
  • Identify needs through analysis and regular consultation with training & testing partners.
  • Coordinate, design and expand programmes based on the needs of our target market.
  • Produce programmes that are satisfactory to all relevant parties
  • Consider the costs of planned programmes and keep within budgets as assessing the return on investment of any L & D programme is becoming increasingly important
  • Research new technologies and methodologies and present this research.
  • Manage the delivery of all programmes.
  • Monitor and review the progress of all PP users
  • Evaluate L & D programmes
  • Amend and revise programmes as necessary, in order to adapt to changes occurring
  • Solve any specific training problems
  • Keep up to date with developments in training by reading relevant journals, going to meetings and attending relevant courses

Must Haves

  • Strong experience of e-learning techniques, and where relevant, be involved in the creation and/or delivery of e-learning packages
  • Very good understanding of the technology needed for e-learning
  • Very passionate about this sector
  • Very good understanding about what Productive People do
  • Show experience in measuring and assessing peoples training needs
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Passion for continuous learning
  • Extremely efficient
  • Be able to innovate
  • Good understanding of languages
  • A basic understanding of psychology
  • A basic understanding of sociology

Location: Victoria Island
Salary: Very Competitive

Preferred candidate should have about 10 years or more.

Send most updated resume to iyanu.jubreel@productivepeople.org

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