Digital Media Operations Manager, E-Commerce Sector

HRLeverage Africa is HR, Outsourcing and Recruitment Service Provider. We recognize and strongly support diverse workforce, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin . In line with this, our Client, emerging multinational e-commerce company in Ikeja is currently recruiting for Digital Media Operations Manager whose main duty is to be responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring the various accounts under the company name by increasing brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase sales accordingly.

Duty description:

  • Cooperate with the regions to plan online and offline themed activities and promotion activities. Create social interactive topics and lists, and be responsible for the implementation and follow-up of the activities. Increase platform exposure and increase user stickiness through platform activities.
  • Be responsible for oversea social media operation directions and strategies, and formulate specific plans. Interact with users for the purpose of renewal, retention, and promotion. Analyze overseas social media content structure and hot topic in the industry. Investigate the preferences of target user groups, and continue to increase the number of followers steadily.
  • Be responsible for the formation and daily management of oversea online community operation teams. Establish an oversea community system. Establish communities of different dimensions. Be responsible for the community user enrollment, retention, fission, and transformation. Maintain communication order. Ensure the activity of the community. Integrate internal and external resources.
  • Optimize operating methods, and timely discover. Mine and manage high-quality original content and core user circles in the community. Improve user activity and viscosity, and create word of mouth.
  • Be responsible for maintaining and managing the contracted KOL ( key opinion leader on line). Be responsible for analyzing and researching the daily data of KOL.
  • Cooperate with KOL to formulate content planning and marketing strategies. Combine hot topic and KOL characteristics for online activities and special topics planning, online promotion creativity and effect optimization.

Qualification requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above. Capable of using English as working language.
  • More than 2 years of Internet product operation experience. Work experience on customer based social operation platform is preferred.
  • Have the experience and ability to plan and organize social activities. Understand the marketing resources and collaboration channels of the Internet. Master the marketing methods commonly used in the Internet industry. Have rich practical experience in online and offline activities. Have strong sense of popular news and hot topic. Have successful experience in operations, planning, promotion and management.
  • Posses experience in operating overseas social media platforms (such as facebook, whatsapp, instagram, youtube, twitter, etc.). Good skills at APP promotion, and new media to increase customer inflow and followers are preferred.
  • Have a clear logic analysis capability with strong planning, organization, communication, and execution capabilities. Be able to work under pressure. Be flexible for short-term business trips, and work overtime required on important work flow nodes.

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